78’ Prototype Vessel in New Caledonia.  Full stern gear supply including both shaft & rudder gear.

Testimonial from the designer / builder – “The Drive lines are just pieces of jewellery.  No vibration, no nothing and they work like ROYCES ……..  The transmissions are perfect and the props are above expectations.”

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This propeller, shaft & stern bearing are off a timber bay cruiser usually moored at Sanctuary Cove Marina.  For the 2 weeks while the Sanctuary Cove boat show was on she was moved to Southport Yacht Club.  Over the 2 weeks there, she suffered severe electrolysis damage.  When the owner went to collect her after the boat show to return to his usual berth at Sanctuary Cove, she had no go ……  You can see why.

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“ODYSSEY” at GCCM.  Full stern gear upgrade, new propellers, shafts, gearbox couplings, PSS seals, flexible couplings, rudder assemblies, nuts & keys